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Recreational to Developmental Team Building

This article covers … Difference between morale events and developmental team building Leveraging trust Using a shared experience to facilitate learning Taking advantage of a break-through to shift paradigms Difference between facilitation and training What is the difference between recreational … Continue reading

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When I say (or think) “I do not trust him?” What does that mean?

The authors of Group Genius, Extraordinary Groups,and Paradoxes of Group Life consider trust one of the most important conditions of high performance teams. But what does trust really mean? When I say (or think) “I do not trust him?” What … Continue reading

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What Leaders need to know about themselves?

Self awareness was sited as the most significant capacity for developing leaders. With that in mind, should you go to psychotherapy? Should you read psychology and self-help books? Should you join a covenant group? Sure, that would help but that … Continue reading

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