Four Rooms Of Change – Model of Change

The foundation of this change model is, during change and transition, individuals and organizations pass through four rooms.

Four Rooms Of Change - Claes JanssenContentment – This is often where we start, happy with the existing environment with no need to change anything.

Denial – Then a situation arises.  For instance, news we would rather not hear creates unstable circumstances.  Our fight or flight instinct kicks in.  Denial is a room where we long for contentment, the most comfortable of rooms, and resist inevitable change.  When we acknowledge the door to contentment is locked and the room of denial is uncomfortable, we move ourselves to confusion.

Confusion – The room of confusion is full of uncertainty and high anxiety. However, it is where most of the creative work is done, because our energy is focused on making things clear. When we confront disarray and chaos, new patterns and possibilities emerge.  Each new possibility is a door leading toward renewal.  When we choose a door we move into renewal. 

Renewal – In the room of renewal, we focus on the foreseeable future and possibilities to come. We sow the seeds to be harvested later.  Soon we will be back into the room of contentment, reaping the fruits of our labor.

At Joey Pauley Consulting, we use this model during facilitations, strategic planning, and other workshops. We have found this model gives participants a framework for the change process.  To learn more about development models we use go to or contact us.

Read more about the Four Rooms of Change in Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!: Ten Principles for Leading Meetings That Matter by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff.

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