What is your dominant learning style?

Kolb Learning Cycle

What is the first thing you do when you start a project?

  • Jump in feet first
  • Research what has been done before
  • Develop a theory then try it out
  • Plan steps toward action

The answer to this question points to your dominant learning style, the most comfortable in a given situation. For instance, if your tendency is to jump in feet first, you learning preference is concrete experience and you may be an accommodating individual.

Learning Stage
Learning Style
Jump in feet first Concrete Experience Accommodator
Research what has been done before Observation and reflection Diverger
Develop a theory then try it out Think in abstract concepts Assimilator
Plan steps toward action Testing in new situations Converger

What does all this mean?  In order to learn effectively from experience there needs to be accommodation, divergence, assimilation, and converging.

Why? A personality style is the path from one stage to another.  For instance, your group needs diverging ideas in order to move from concrete experience to observation and reflection. In contrast, in order to move from forming abstract concepts to testing in new situations the converging of ideas is needed.

Who, Where, When, How?

  1. At your next meeting ask attendees to write down “What is the first thing they would do when start a project? on Post-it’s.
  2. Put each post it a category; Concrete Experience, Observation and Reflection, Forming Abstract Concepts, Testing in New Situations
  3. Your team probably has an affinity toward a given stage.  If so use what you have learned to balance the individual learning styles depending on the stages of the project by asking questions and bringing forth less dominant styles.
  4. Contact us to learn more about the strengths and opportunities of each learning style.

or use the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle Worksheet to start a conversation about learning styles.

Do you have questions, comments, concerns, or feedback? Then contact us.

Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle

The Kolb Experiential Learning cycle is a systemic frame to understand how we learn from our experiences. You enter the learning cycle (Concrete Experience, Observation and Reflection, Forming Abstract Concepts, and Testing in New Situations) in a different stage depending on your learning style (Accommodating, Diverger, Assimilator, Converger). We learn when we engage all of the learning styles not just our dominant style.  This is why it is important to be aware of and support all learning styles in order to gain the most out of our experiences.

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