Reflective Practice

Collaboration Reflective Practice Ven DiagramWhy is reflection valuable? If done effectively it is a process to achieve individual and organizational learning. When you learn in groups your organization is more likely to increase the enabling factors and decrease the disabling factors of success.

What is reflection?  Group reflection is commonly referred to an After Action Review but it takes on many forms.  Reflection facilitates  understanding by listening to common themes, the intersections of thoughts, and unveiling patterns.  During this process it is valuable for a facilitator to observe reactions help people follow threads to their apparent terminus.

To foster a deeper understanding our process of collaborative facilitation involves reflecting individually, before small group reflection.  This makes conversations in the large group much more effective.

For your meeting remember start small, design conversations to be scaled up, and embed the vision and mission of the meeting into the structure of conversation. Contact us to learn more about the most effective process for your group.

This article is part of a larger series entitled The Anatomy of Collaboration

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