Did you know?

  • Eleven million meetings occur in the United States  every day.
  • On average most professionals attend 61.8 meetings a month.
  • People report that over 50 percent of their meeting  time is wasted.
Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!: Ten Principles for Leading Meetings That Matter by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff

Would you like to have purposeful, interactive and effective meetings?

Round Table MeetingMost people view meetings as a waste of time, ineffective, and frustrating. The answer for many is faster and/or less frequent meetings. This results in less communication, connections, conclusions, and expensive unintended consequences.  At Joey Pauley and Associates we teach, design, and model effective meetings.

What will we help your group do as facilitators?

  • Record ideas
  • Summarize themes
  • Ask questions
  • Clarify meaning
  • Work through conflicts
  • Gauge energy in the room
  • Introduce engaging activities
  • Keep time
  • Build consensus

Are you interested in making your meetings more effective?

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For example…

A board met once a month to set up a structure and recruiting process for their organization. However, after a year their bylaws, policies and board descriptions were still incomplete. Their goals to complete these documents, recruit new board members, and increase funding were falling by the wayside. Our assessment showed the group did not have a way to manage conflict and move forward with decisions.

We designed a process to finish incomplete projects and actively recruit new board members by productively engaging conflicts.  The bylaws and policies were completed in two meetings.  Our third meeting focused on what was needed to complete the rest of their work together.  They followed up with us two months later to thank us for building the internal capacity to reach their present and future goals.

A different organization used cross-functional teams to discuss new ideas, address areas for improvement, and garner feedback from their employees. Upon our entry the CEO and departments were reporting the meetings were ineffective and a waste of time. This resulted in low turnout, high turnover and little accountability for outcomes.

We used this initial feedback to encourage stakeholders to co-design meetings. Trust TriangleAll parties were encouraged to be an active part of the redesign process.  Joey Pauley and Associates designed activities to foster straight talk, listening, and making commitments, which in turn cultivated a culture of reliability, trust, and respect. The new meeting design provides a space for feedback and revision of agenda.  This is a constant reminder that it is the stakeholder’s meeting.