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Have you tried to fix an issue once, twice, or three times to no avail?

Organizations are sociotechnical systems, intermixing people and technology. When a system is stuck, has been in the same position before, or cannot gain traction, there is usually something systemic at play.  Often companies try to fix a symptom or the presenting problem without addressing the fundamental issues.

Creative ProcessAlbert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Joey Pauley and Associates provides a fresh set of eyes and a creative approach to take advantage of opportunities inherent in systemic challenges.

For Example…

When we were contacted by the Community Consulting Partnership (CCP) they had an issue with too many clients and not enough consulting teams. (Don’t we all wish we had too much business.) At the time they were servicing larger organizations while smaller organizations fell through the cracks. They also had a plethora of consultants who already went through the program.

We supplemented the existing consulting structure with a new program to service smaller organizations by taking advantage of experienced consultants in the CCP community. The new structure met CCP’s requirements of fewer consultants and more face time with clients, while providing deeper learning for the consultants and clients. After implementing the program we assessed the systemic implications of adding it to the existing organizational structure.

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