Strategic Planning

Do you find yourself data rich but information poor?
Are you tired of a strategic plan with a great shelf life and no real life?

Most strategic plans are manufactured in the upper echelons of organizations.  These plans take little into account about what is happening on the ground floor.  When employees are asked to execute the strategic plan they do so without ownership or understanding of what is driving the organization.  Strategic plans created in this way are destined to sit on a shelf with no real life.

Market, Competition, CompanyWhat is different at Joey Pauley and Associates?

We use a systemic approach of engaging multiple levels and functions of your organization in order to discuss their short and long term goals. Our engagement process will help identify the key result areas and indicators in your market, company, and competition in order to track progress over time. This process decreases the siloing of individuals and disseminates pertinent information needed to achieve results.

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