The Promise Of The Future

This is an excerpt from an email forwarded to me from my wonderful girlfriend Katie from her friend since childhood, Laura.  This is exactly what  I needed after a few days of tough reflection and projection. I hope it falls on you well too.

So Ill finish with this

In 1931, Henry Ford made an 80-year forecast into the future. (Pause for recognition that this puts us at 2011.) The New York Times headline read: The Promise Of The Future Makes The Present Seem Drab. But contrary to the eye-grabbing headline, Ford actually took a more introspective approach that perhaps our most progressive step will be the discovery that we have not made so much progress as the clatter of times would suggest. Rather than idolize technological, automotive or industrial expectations of the next eighty years, he went on to say this: After all, the only profit of life is life itself, and I believe that the coming eighty years will see us more successful in the real profit of life. The newest thing in the world is the human being. And the greatest changes are to be looked for in him.

Therefore, the only expectation we can hold fast to is change.
Expectations included.

In light of antiquated assumptions that attempt to keep us in the e-d, I reflect with a humble heart on the inspiring people who continually keep me [be] i-n-g-ing. Wishing you and yours peace, love and a hopey-changey 2011!

For the rest of Laura’s blog visit Thanks Laura and Katie for keeping me in the sweetness of now.

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