Women Leading the Way

My response to the question “What would the world be like if all leadership gifts were valued?” in Women Leading the way.

In my work Joey Pauley from Women Leading the Wayas an Organization Development Practitioner I encourage this view by influencing the place and conditions and circumstances where people meet.  I initiate structures and processes that favor the equality of individuals and makes it easy for them to work together to achieve shared goals.

I love sports. If there is one thing I’ve earned from sports it is the importance of paying attention to the connections among the players, the ways they influence one another, and not just focusing only individual players.  In my work with organizations I see the same thing.  The more conversations and connections we can foster in an organization the more likely the organization as a whole will achieve its goals.

I also see that organizations that truly welcome diversity, where it is expected that folks will talk about similarities and differences, where different perspectives are valued, where questioning and curiosity are encouraged, these are the organizations that are more able to adapt to changing situations and to achieve their objectives, even in a constantly shifting environment.

We are social creatures.  If everyone’s leadership gifts were valued we would dramatically increase the creativity, commitment and wisdom needed to address the problems we face and to create a world that works for everyone.

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