Friends of the Cedar River Watershed

We worked with the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed to contract, collect data and feedback in order to implement a board retreat. The goal of the retreat was to provide the board and staff a space to solidify their message, language, and regroup in order to set the stage for the following year.  The retreat laid the groundwork for the existing vision and mission.

Capitol Hill Community Council
The Capitol Hill Community Council contracted us to strengthen communication.  We worked with CHCC officers to reframe their approach to events and advocacy.  The result was a clear understanding of the role events and advocacy will have in the future of the council.  We also held community focus groups to gain a better understanding of the council’s constituency.  The short-term result of the focus groups was a development of a common language. In the long term this will allow the CHCC to tailor messages to their diverse audience.  The last deliverable was a presentation on structures of facilitating a meeting with multiple stakeholder collaboration.  The result was an innovative approach to future meetings and communication.

Confidentiality and trust is a large component of my work in OD. The organizations above have given permission to share the details of our work.

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