Deep Team Building

Traditional team building includes ropes courses, games, activities, and much more.  The theory behind team building is, by sharing an experience people will have higher moral, trust, communicate more, and work together better. They work to some degree. However without substance, most team building is easily forgotten once back in the office.

Don’t accept the status quo.  “Deep Team Building” (DTB for short) as the name suggests does not just scratch the surface, but goes deeper. The fun is there, and there is much more; DTB is founded on a solid foundation that draws on facilitation, group dynamics, action learning, creativity theory, the science of emergence, and appreciative inquiry. While doing a variety of games and fun activities, the team reflects on the conditions for successful groups they have observed or been part of, they also reflect on what their own experience playing the various games and design activities tells them about teamwork. They discuss what they bring to the team and what others should know about them in order to work with them.  Team members explore the meaning of trust and good communication. Furthermore, they explore how they want to work with conflict, the loss of a team members and other issues that pertain to team life. In short DTB is an comprehensive approach.

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Rate your team on each of the following dimensions from 1 (needs the most improvement) to 5 (needs the least improvement.)

  • Communications
  • Decision-making
  • Dealing with conflict and disagreement
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Trust

What would it mean to be more effective in your top 2 areas?
Think about a month, quarter, and year from now, what has changed because theses areas were transformed?


The design of a team building agenda depends upon a number of factors including the answers to the above questions. Team games can be completed in the course of 15 minutes to a number of days. We partner with organizations, to facilitate team building events that include ropes courses, scavenger hunts, boat building, indoor and outdoor activities for such companies as Microsoft, Boeing, UW Bothell,  small organizations, families, and friends.

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