“I have worked with Joey Pauley for 2 years on various projects. What strikes me the most is how much he cares about getting to know each person on the team. To Joey, taking your organizational performance to the next level is not just a job. He truly cares about each individual as a person, and he is probably one of the most sincere and effective facilitators I know. I would highly recommend Joey Pauley to anyone considering his services.”
Oliver Wu, President – Sticky Problems

“Joey and I were a part of a consulting team on a multi-month long consulting project where we assisted a community organization. We covered sustainability, communication, strategy, organizational health among many other topics and held a handful of events and meetings. I found Joey to be a lot of fun to work with, a hard worker, and dedicated to the client’s success. What stood out to me regarding Joey was how facilitation and mediation seemed to be so easy to him. He would be a great fit for managing conflict, meeting clients where they are at, sensing where to proceed with most any given group and facilitating conversation. His style seems to be a natural fit to Ed Schein’s process consulting approach. In the future, I would look forward to working with him again.”
Whit Tice – Logic 20/20

“Joey is a motivating and creative individual. He is persistent and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Joey for training students for leadership positions.”
Arianna Aldebot – University of Washington, Bothell

“Joseph Pauley has a rarely found combination of technology savvy and keen interpersonal skills. He has the knowledge to maneuver any situation and always handles client relationships with aplomb.”
Meghan Barry – Luxury Real Estate

“Joey is multi-talented, possessing a base of business skills and accomplishments that underpin his depth understanding of organizational development. Joey brings a certain zest and enthusiasm, and a keen attentiveness and intuitive openness to what wants to work out best in a given project or situation. Joey worked with our non-profit several times over a two year period, consulting and facilitating at key junctures as our organization matured through different phases – expanding our service area footprint, moving through visioning and updating a mission statement, through to strategic planning.”
Cheryl Angle – Friends Of the Cedar River Watershed

“Joey is a collaborative and creative thinker who backs up his facilitation suggestions with clear, articulate action. His commitment to helping a group define their own objectives and goals demonstrates his deep understanding of what motivates people to succeed.”
Rebecca Sayre – Friends Of the Cedar River Watershed

“Joey is an excellent facilitator: he is great at reading people and situations and seeing what needs to be done to improve the functioning of an organization or a social situation. He’s a well-grounded, down-to-earth person who has a way of delivering creative criticism in a way that is both kind and productive. I would not hesitate to recommend him or contract him for organizational improvement or facilitation work in the future.”
Jennifer Power – Capitol Hill Community Council

“I had the opportunity to work with Joey by virtue of my position in the Capitol Hill Community Council. He was prepared for each of our meetings and treated us professionally and with respect. The things that stand out about Joey are his sensitivity, his ability to truly listen to others & respond and then apply a collaborative approach to problem solving that involves all who wish to be a part while alienating none. Joey is a pleasure to work with on both a personal and professional level.”
Hong Chhuor – Capitol Hill Community Council

“I worked on a team with Joey that provided organizational development consulting services to a local non-profit. Joey was a key contributor and connector during all team and client meetings and workshops. He added value by consistently maintaining an energetic and conscientious attitude towards our work, and he brought the rest of the team with him. His ability to connect to each individual through social and emotional awareness was inspiring. I would not hesitate at the chance to work on a team with Joey again.”
Athena Lyons – Community Consulting Partnership