Communication Workshop

The goal of our communication workshop is to develop effective interpersonal communication skills.  We accomplish this by experiencing, observing, discussing, and engaging in activities that require….

– active listening
– feedback
– persuasion
– collaboration
– negotiation
– conflict resolution

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For instance…

Two divisions of an organization worked on the same products.  The development division was tasked with creating and maintaining websites.  The customer service department were the primary contact of customers. for the websites. Both units historically performed their functions well, however there was a growing concern regarding miscommunication between the departments. For instance, project managers noticed, since the last website release, tasks were being send back and forth four times as often as before.  When the two departments met about the issue nothing was resolved. It was as if they were speaking a different language.

Active listening exercises helped participants understand where breakdowns were happening.  Subsequent exercises refined their effective communication strategies, without the pressures and politics of their work tasks.  As a result participants felt connected and better able to communicate effectively regarding their work tasks.

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